Take It On

Our Plan


Take It On is Xavier’s non-partisan, values-centered initiative to support Ignatian Civic Engagement: to proactively promote better civic discourse and robust, peaceful engagement in politics.  

In support of Xavier’s Mission, Take It On prepares students to “cultivate lives of reflection, compassion and informed action.” The Society of Jesus calls us to this work in Contemplation and Political Action: An Ignatian Guide to Civic Engagement. In the words of the Universal Apostolic Preferences, Take It On serves to “accompany young people in the creation of a hope-filled future.” 

Vision for 2024 

Xavier is recognized regionally and within the AJCU as a leader in Ignatian civic engagement that privileges the dignity of all, discernment, the common good, the mission for reconciliation and justice, closeness with those on the margins of society, and finding God in all things—including politics.

Xavier students are informed and active citizens who vote; engage with each other across political difference; and discern their commitments to political engagement while achieving a balance with academic success and well-being.  

Xavier is a responsible, responsive community—students, faculty, staff, administrators—with regard to social and political issues as they impact our community. 

Xavier is a model in higher education of welcoming and engaging multiple perspectives.  


Take It On holds certain values as central: 

Name the problem: We are concerned about the divisive and polarizing political and societal challenges that we face. 

Leverage our Jesuit Catholic heritage: We draw on the gifts and values of our Jesuit Catholic heritage, including the dignity of the human person and value of the liberal arts education.  

Embrace discomfort: We embrace intellectual discomfort, difficult conversations, and the benefits of working through them to better understand our own positions and to engage with those who hold different views. We accept responsibility for our role in a conversation and share the burden as we mutually seek better understanding. 

Build on our resources: We draw on and expand the resources of our faculty, staff, administrators and students, University policies, and community partners. 

Act with humility and courage: We know we will make mistakes but are convinced that we must speak and act on our convictions while listening to, showing respect for, and being open to learning from others. We recognize the contexts and experiences that shape the dynamics of dialogue. 

Keep our community at the center: Our students and their intellectual development and overall well-being are at the center of this project; in order to support and educate our students, faculty and staff need to be fully invested as well. This project seeks to build relationships and repair breaches in our community, mindful of those who feel they are on the outside.  



Goal 1: Build the campus capacity for constructive, reflective dialogue
Goal 2: Support campus involvement with elections
Goal 3: Communicate with campus and, on occasion, external constituents
Goal 4: Build institutional infrastructure to support this work


2020 Annual Report