Ask a Musketeer: Mirka Gallo (Social Work, '17)

Mar 30, 2019

Major: social-impact-impact Work

Hometown: Chicago, IL

1. What inspired you to come to Xavier?

When people step onto Xavier's campus, you just get that sense of community right away. We are a part of our Xavier community, but we are also a big part of Norwood, Evanston and Cincinnati. That is the big thing that attracted me to Xavier and made it my home away from home.

2. How was your first day?

My first day of college was the only time I was an hour ready before my 8:00 a.m. class. I couldn't sleep the night before so I picked out my outfit and made sure all my supplies were organized. Throughout the day, I realized syllabus week is extremely easy and there was no reason to be nervous because it's everyone's first day, too, with new professors and classes.

3. What are some of your favorite memories here?

A lot of my favorite memories take place during basketball season. Some of these memories include camping out, waiting in line for the UC game, and just being in the Cintas Center all four years. Some other memories include attending the SOL gala and being a part of the Office of Admission.

4. Who is an influential person on campus who has impacted you these past four years?

I feel as though the most influential people that have impacted me on campus would be my philosophy and theology professors. They would include professors Frankel, Enriquez, Quinn and Suna-Koro. They have taught me to think outside of the box, think more deeply and put social-impact-impact justice to action outside of the classroom.

5. How did you choose your major?

I am a social-impact-impact work major. In high school I was always excited to help others and enjoyed being in the community with people. I wanted to find a field in which I could work with people and social-impact-impact justice. Finding social-impact-impact work at Xavier and understanding how many different hats you can wear made me want to declare.

6. How has Xavier helped shape who you are today?

Xavier has helped me to feel more comfortable in my skin. My four years here have helped me become more comfortable in myself. The reason for this is because I now understand that it is not about impressing other people but sharing your skills and talents to the best of your ability. You will always find people who appreciate you for that.

7. In one sentence, what advice would you give incoming Musketeers?

Say "Yes" to any and every opportunity that falls into your lap because you will be surprised with what you learn.

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