Ask a Musketeer: Edmond Nyarko (Biology, '17)

Dec 1, 2018

Major: Biology

Hometown: Houston, TX; Accra, Ghana

1. How did you choose your major?

I first started as a natural sciences major which is a combination of biology and chemistry, but I quickly realized that biology was what I was more interested in. I've always wanted to work in medicine so biology was natural fit.

2. What was your biggest fear coming to college?

Like most people, my biggest fear coming into college was fitting in and finding a group of friends that can help make the college adjustment smooth for me. Although I had been in the U.S. for just over seven years, I still had a bit if an accent and was still adjusting the American culture. My biggest anticipation was being able to have the space and opportunity to find myself without the safety net of being close to home.

4. Looking back, what is one thing you wish you could change?

There are a lot of things I wish would've turned out differently. But if granted the opportunity to actually change something, I wouldn't change a thing. Because of all of the mistakes and failures, I was able to learn and become the person I am today.

5. Looking ahead, what are you most excited about?

Making money! No seriously, I am looking forward to one day being able to work in pediatric medicine and make a change in the real world. That has always been my goal, and I feel like I am equipped to go out and achieve it!

6 What advice do you have for incoming Musketeers?

Do not be afraid to fail or make mistakes, that is the only way you will learn and grow as a person.

7. What is at least one thing you MUST do before graduating?

Community Action Day! I know it's a lame answer but I've always wanted to do it, but I never wake up on time lol. Anything before 10:00 a.m. is too early.

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