Music Programs

Mission and Purpose

Department Mission

The Department of Music contributes intellectually and artistically to the cultural life of the University and its surrounding community.

Statement of Purpose

The Department of Music prepares majors, within a diverse and broadly based liberal arts curriculum, to enter the fields of music and music education, pursue graduate-level education, or enter occupations outside of music that require a solid foundation in the liberal arts. The Department of Music offers two undergraduate degree programs: the Bachelor of Arts in Music (with a concentration in Performance or Production), and, in conjunction with the Department of Education, the Bachelor of Music in Music Education. All degree programs emphasize a broad coverage of the field of music and reflect Xavier's philosophy of combining a strong liberal arts core with a major area of study.

The Department of Music is committed to the advancement of knowledge through the study of music as an art and a science. This study encompasses music theory, music history, pedagogy, esthetics, music education, and an extensive list of applied music opportunities. Additionally, students may elect to concentrate in the following areas: composition, conducting, music history, and music theory. Specific requirements for these concentrations are located in the music student handbook.

All curricula in the Department of Music seek to educate students through scholarly research, the study of music scores and performance and through creative and interpretive studies in the area of applied music. These combined educational experiences develop mature citizens in today's diverse society. The Department of Music serves all students of Xavier University regardless of their major course of study as they pursue their liberal arts education. Most Department of Music course offerings meets the university core fine arts requirement.