David Matlin Reading


7:30 PM until 9:30 PM

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Smith Hall, Room 344

or call 513-745-2041  


The Xavier University Department of English Ryan Writers Series presents a reading by novelist, poet and essayist David Matlin.

David Matlin’s books include the collection of poetry China Beach (1989), the novel How the Night Is Divided (1993), and the political documentary Prisons: Inside the New America: From Vernooykill Creek to Abu Ghraib (2005). He will be reading from his newest novel, A Halfman Dreaming (2012). He teaches creative writing at San Diego State University. His website is www.matlinwriter.com.

On Prisons:
“...a really impressive piece of work, which captures with wrenching vividness the torture we inflict on others, and ultimately on ourselves.”—Noam Chomsky

On A Halfman Dreaming:
“At its simplest this is a story of a Mexican-American kid grown up under the shadow of the atomic bomb, trying to find his way out of the maze of violence and racism of the desert of post Second World War southern California. But this is a novel that aims to be more than a novel and risks being less than a novel as Lupe embarks on a quest that takes him through history, archaeology and mythology in his search for the ground of his own and America’s violence. Anyone who has noted the dark stain spreading through our contemporary world will conclude it was worth the risk."—David Antin

For further information, contact Dr. Norman Finkelstein, 513-745-2041, finkel@xavier.edu

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