Introduced in fall 2011, the actuarial science degree program at Xavier University is an interdisciplinary major that will provide students with the mathematical, statistical, computational, and business background to succeed in the actuarial field.

Using mathematical and statistical methods, actuarial science assesses and manages risk. The discipline is particularly important in the insurance and finance industries where understanding risk is essential to providing services that offer financial security and peace of mind regardless of the uncertainty in daily life. By studying actuarial science, you will:

  • Sharpen mathematical problem-solving skills to be ready to analyze and model actuarial science problems with rigor.
  • Develop business and finance skills that integrate with mathematics and statistics to solve actuarial science problems in insurance, investment and finance.
  • Learn to use appropriate technology to solve actuarial science problems.
  • Be prepared to take the first two actuarial science exams in probability (P) and finance (FM).
  • Take additional coursework that provides Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) credits in the actuarial field.
  • Explore the wide variety of career opportunities related to actuarial science.


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