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The James A. Glenn Writing Center provides students with assistance at all stages of the writing process, for, as all writers know, not all writing is accomplished in isolation. Writing sometimes happens best when two writers sit down and put their heads together on a project--one explaining what he/she is attempting to achieve and the other providing feedback and guidance. The tutors in the center are available to discuss understanding an assignment, generating ideas, drafting, organizing, revising, editing, addressing sentence structure, grammar, punctuation concerns, and documenting sources. Writers can also receive assistance in refining cover letters and résumés.

The mission of the Writing Center is to support student writers in their efforts to become better writers rather than to produce perfect papers. The Writing Center thus does not provide proofreading services; tutors will, however, assist writers in learning how to proofread for their particular pattern of errors and to edit their own work. If a teacher believes a student would benefit from independent one-on-one work at the Writing Center, referral forms are available.

Writing Center tutors have taken English 315, Composition Tutoring, in which they have studied composition theory and methods of one-to-one conferencing. Having apprenticed as tutors for an English 101 class, they begin their Writing Center work with a great deal of experience. Only those students who have proven to be excellent tutors are invited to tutor in the Writing Center.

The Writing Center also provides a quiet atmosphere for writing. It is equipped with desktops, and a duplex printer. The Writing Center's library provides resources such as research guides, style manuals and handbooks, and documentation guides.

Writing Center services are free to all members of the Xavier community. We recommend that appointments for tutorial assistance be made in advance, although walk-in appointments are possible if a tutor is available. Computer use does not require an appointment.


The Writing Center was founded by James A. Glenn, a member of the English Department, in 1989. It was first located in Hinkle Hall and staffed both undergraduate and graduate students. While the Writing Center was initially known as simply a "grammar center," the various directors and staff have worked through the years to move away from this misconception, letting the Xavier community know that, instead, the WC offers an environment for tutors and tutees to work collaboratively on all aspects of their writing.

In 1999, Dr. Allison Russell took charge as Director of the Writing Center. During this time, Dr. Russell established the Writing Center newsletter, which is written by student staff and still put out twice a year, and took over teaching the Composition Tutoring course (the semester-long training course all tutors must take before they can work in the Writing Center). The Writing Center also moved from Hinkle to the basement of Alter Hall.

In 2010, the Writing Center moved to its new home in the The Conaton Learning Commons. Today, under Director Rebecca Todd, the James A. Glenn Writing Center at Xavier University staffs five receptionists, nine undergraduate tutors, and two graduate assistants and continues to serve Xavier's students, faculty, and staff.


Room 400, Conaton Learning Commons


  • Monday & Wednesday: 9 AM - 8 PM
  • Tuesday & Thursday: 9:30 AM - 8:30 PM
  • Friday: 9 AM - 3 PM
  • Sunday: 1 PM - 9 PM


  • Email writingcenter@xavier.edu
  • Phone: (513) 745-2875

In the Writing Center newsletter, titled Freewrite, tutors share their views of the writing process, including writing's relationship to other endeavors. The Fall 2014 issue focuses on transitions.

Current Issue:

Fall 2014

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