Payment Plans

All registered students are required to enroll in a payment plan each semester. If you do not enroll in a payment plan, you will receive a weekly email reminding you to do so and a hold will be placed on your bursar account until the enrollment process (which takes only a minute or two) is completed. The Bursar Hold will block future class registration and the release of transcripts and diplomas. You can enroll in the payment plan by logging in to the MyXU Portal, clicking on the Student Services tab, going to the My Academic Records channel, and clicking on the link called My Bursar Account.

About the X-Flex Payment Plan

Students can spread their total balance for the current semester over 4 monthly payments OR pay their total balance in full each month.

The X-Flex Payment Plan is available to all students. If you have financial aid and have completed all of your paperwork, this plan will subtract your financial aid from your total balance and calculate your minimum installment payment for you. » Learn More

Notice about the Employer Reimbursement Plan

While the X-Flex Payment Plan is available to all students, the Employer Reimbursement Plan will no longer be a payment option beginning with the fall 2014 semester. If you work for an employer that has education reimbursement benefits, learn more about how this payment plan change will affect you. » Learn More