Student Success Story

Kristopher Anthony


May 2017
Master of Business Administration

Newly hired as: Consultant, X-Link/Director of Finance, National Black MBA Association/Business Development Analyst, Comcast

Where did you hear about this opportunity, and what/who contributed to your being hired?

I learned about the consultant opportunity from the listing of opportunities on Hire-A-Muskie. What contributed to me being brought aboard was that the team was looking for someone with a background in chemistry, with my undergraduate degree in chemistry and prior experience working in the chemical field it was the perfect fit.

I also learned about the National Black MBA Association from my advisor Jennifer Bush. While I am pursuing my Master of Business Administration degree the association felt with my prior experience as a project manager that I would be a great fit to help the association continue to flourish. I currently accepted an offer at Comcast as a Business Development Analyst. I found this opportunity on a job board; I believe that my prior experience as a Consultant and the Director of Finance contributed to me landing this opportunity.

How did the Xavier Career Development Office and its services help you along the way to achieve this accomplishment?

The Xavier Career Development Office has been very supportive in my endeavors. The career development office refreshed my resume and assisted with necessary cover letters for job opportunities. Xavier’s Career Development Office put me in the position to put my best foot forward and it has paid off tremendously.

What advice do you have for students as they gear up for their job/internship search?

Some advice that I have for students getting ready to pursue jobs is to visit Xavier’s Career Development Office, get your resume refreshed and cover letters ready for recruiters. Also networking with individuals and companies, you never know who may know someone that can assist with your endeavor. Last but certainly not least, always say thank you and send a thank you card to interviewers for taking the time to get to know you. Polite professionalism goes a long way while starting your career.



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