Student Success Story



Redmond Millerick

English & Advertising, 2016
Hired as: CDO Marketing & Communications Intern


1) Where did you hear about this opportunity, and what/who contributed to your being hired?

I heard about this job opportunity through the Career Development Office and the Hire-A-Muskie program. The site had all the information I needed to apply for the position. What contributed to me being hired was the resume development help I received from the Career Development Office, and the interview and writing skills I developed in the classroom. These resources gave me the confidence to attend the interview knowing I was valuable.

2) What advice do you have for students as they gear up for their job/internship search?

The advice I have for students in regards to the job/internship search is to prepare. Make sure your resume is set up in the best possible way to show you off. More importantly though, do not be discouraged when the search doesn't go the way you expect. We’re young. The jobs will come. It doesn't matter if your best friend gets a job right out of college and you’re still looking. Someone, somewhere, will want to hire you. It all takes time. Don’t lose faith in yourself.

Top Resources

O*Net (Discover occupations & opportunities)
Going Global* (for international opportunities)
Wet Feet* (research companies, explore careers)

*Going Global and WetFeet are resources available via Hire-A-Muskie.  Links to these resources are on the homepage after you log in to your account