Faculty/Staff Services

Xavier faculty and staff often play an important role in a student's career development - engaging students in career related conversations in many settings -  classrooms, residence halls, academic departments, within student organizations and countless other places.  

The Career Development Office (CDO) greatly appreciates faculty and staff who partner with us and encourage students to utilize our services.  We encourage you to share these available online resources and refer your students to our office for additional coaching.

The following links may be especially helpful:

Classroom Presentations
The Career Development Office appreciates the opportunity to speak with students in your classes as a planned presentation.  Instructors who cannot attend a class session due to travel, planned leave, etc., may consider inviting a CDO representative to present during your class time instead of cancelling class!

Referring Students to Employers

Report a Graduate's Career Outcome

To increase knowledge rates on where Xavier graduates end up after graduation, we invite faculty & staff to share what they know via an online form. We understand that many of you stay in close contact with student after they graduate, thus your assistance with gathering this information would be extremely beneficial.  Career outcomes for each graduating class are shared with academic chairs, university administrators and is frequently requested by accreditation teams, national rankings (e.g., U.S. News & World Report, BusinessWeek), prospective students, parents and employers.  Because we value the information shared by our graduates, responses will be used in aggregate form and no individual information will be share.