Brand Elements

Need the Xavier logo or a Xavier branded PowerPoint template? We have it here. If not, feel free to contact us at 513-745-3111.


The following list outlines the basic rules for working with the logotype:

  • Maintain the proportions of the logotype as shown above.
  • Do not obscure any part of the logo.
  • Do not remove the word "University."
  • Do not add a drop shadow or any other special effects to the logotype.



The brand fonts for the Xavier University identity are Frutiger and Bembo. If you do not have the fonts on your computer, the following substitute fonts may be used:

  • Helvetica
  • Georgia


Primary Colors

  Pantone CMYK RGB Hexadecimal
  648 C100 M62 Y0 K52 R0 G40 B87 #002857
  429 C3 M0 Y0 K32 R165 G172 B175 #a5acaf
  639C C100 M0 Y5 K5 R0 G153 B204 #0099cc

Secondary Colors

  Pantone CMYK RGB Hexadecimal
  479 C39 M48 Y57 K0 R168 G129 B101 #a88165
  7456C C55 M35 Y0 K7 R103 G115 B182 #6773b6
  689 C7 M77 Y0 K34 R143 G63 B109 #8f3f6d
  562 C85 M0 Y50 K31 R13 G119 B110 #0d776e
  543C C41 M11 Y0 K0 R158 G195 B222 #9ec3de
  583 C23 M0 Y100 K17 R168 G180 B0 #a8b400
  144C C0 M48 Y100 K0 R233 G131 B0 #e98300

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Style Guidelines

In an effort to maintain Xavier University?s brand identity and to provide consistency in the look and messaging of all University communications, a set of style guidelines has been created and approved by the board of trustees.

These guidelines detail both messaging and graphic styles, and should be followed for all communications.