Jim Keenan, S.J.

See and hear Rev. Kim Keenan, S.J. speak about Jesuit ethics.

Rev. Jim Keenan, SJ received his B.A. from Fordham, an MDiv. from Weston Jesuit School of Theology, and his doctorate in theology from the Gregorian University in Rome. He holds the Founders Professorship in Theology at Boston College. He is on the Board of Directors for the Catholic Theological Society of America and for Society of Christian Ethics; he is chair of Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church and the Catholic Theological Coalition on HIV/AIDS Prevention; he is an editor of Moral Traditions (Georgetown University Press) and Theological Studies; he has been a consultant to the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. Among his many publications are: Catholic Theological Ethics, Past, Present, and Future: The Trento Conference (Orbis, 2011), Paul and Virtue Ethics (Rowman and Littlefield, 2010), The Ethics of the Word: Voices in the Catholic Church Today (Rowman and Littlefield, 2010), A History of Catholic Moral Theology in the Twentieth Century: From Confessing Sins to Liberating Consciences (Continuum, 2010), The Works of Mercy: The Heart of Catholicism (Sheed and Ward, 2005), Commandments of Compassion (Sheed and Ward, 1999), Virtues for Ordinary Christians (Sheed and Ward, 1996), and Goodness and Rightness in Thomas Aquinas's Summa Theologiae (Georgetown University Press, 1992).

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