Ignatian Values in the Classroom

These videos were produced for the events of the Inauguration Week, October 23-28, 2021, of Xavier University’s 35th president, Dr. Colleen Hanycz, specifically the Student Reception and the Academic Showcase.

Cura Personalis and Magis


solidarity.pngSolidarity and Service



reflection.pngReflection and Discernment




The Universal Apostolic Preferences in the Classroom as Xavier University

Videos produced by Xavier University's Digital Innovation, Film & Television program. Directed by teaching Professor Kyle Howland.

screen-shot-2021-11-23-at-5.45.04-pm.pngJulie Kugler-Ackley, M. ED - Education


sports.pngDiane Ceo DiFrancesco, PhD - Modern Languages



bio.pngTerri W. Enlein, EdD - Nursing


screen-shot-2021-11-23-at-5.46.23-pm.pngDominique Kropp, PhD - Sport Science


screen-shot-2021-11-23-at-5.46.46-pm.pngJondra Long, MS - Lab/Simulation Course Lead


screen-shot-2021-11-23-at-5.47.15-pm.pngChristian Mastilak, PhD - Accountancy


screen-shot-2021-11-23-at-5.47.43-pm.pngSaurav Pathak, PhD - Management


screen-shot-2021-11-23-at-5.48.10-pm.pngAnn Ray, PhD - Biology


screen-shot-2021-11-23-at-5.48.37-pm.pngSister Rose Ann Fleming - Athletics


screen-shot-2021-11-23-at-5.49.13-pm.pngStephen Skiles, MFA - Theater


screen-shot-2021-11-23-at-5.49.33-pm.pngJohn Sniegocki, PhD - Theology


screen-shot-2021-11-23-at-5.45.43-pm.pngBaniyelme D. Zoogah, PhD - Entrepreneurship


screen-shot-2021-11-23-at-5.50.13-pm.pngRenee' Zucchero, PhD - Psychology


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