St. Nicholas Day Prayers

Prayers for St. Nicholas Day celebrating the life of Saint Nicholas of Myra, a fourth-century Christian bishop considered the real-life model for Santa Claus.

The Example of St. Nicholas

Loving God,
we thank You
for the example
Of St. Nicholas,
who fed the hungry,
brought hope to
the Imprisoned,
gave comfort
to the lost,
and taught
the truth to all.
May we strive
to imitate him
by putting You first
in all we do.
Give us the courage,
love and strength
of St. Nicholas, so that,
like him, we may serve
you through loving
our brothers and sisters.

- Amy Welborn, author of St. Nicholas of Myra: A Saint for Advent and Christmas

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The Spirit of Childhood

St. Nicholas,
O good holy Nicholas,
you who brought joy to children,
put in my heart the spirit of childhood
about which the Gospel speaks.
Teach me how to sow
happiness around me.

- Catholic Greetings

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