Hispanic Heritage Month

O God, you have made of one blood all the people of earth,
but you have also richly blessed us with a world of many languages,
cultures and traditions. I thank you today for the many contributions
which Hispanic Americans have made - and continue to make -
to our great country. Enable us always to learn from and appreciate
each other. Make us even stronger as one nation because of our diverse
gifts and experiences. Enrich our minds, bodies and spirits, we pray,
as we celebrate together on this beautiful day. Amen.

- Mitchell Lewis, A Christian pastor in Caesar's army

Creator God,
We thank You for our wondrous diversity, for our cultures,
traditions and languages, for all the ways we celebrate our
humanity and praise Your divinity. We value all peoples,
and in this time, we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.
May we remember in our churches the leaders, teachers,
and theologians that have been part of our Christian faith tradition.
May we continue to hear from diverse voices that speak the truth
of God's love, peace and justice for all peoples. Guide is in ways of
new understandings to build a more inclusive church. In the name
of Christ Jesus, our Savior, Redeemer and Friend, we pray. Amen.

-Rev. Mindi Welton-Mitchell

We thank you for the gift of our Hispanic and Latino brothers and sisters. Grant that we continue to be a place with open doors, open hearts, making room for all. Give us generous hearts that we may continue to use our gifts to support one another. Amen.

- We Give; The United Methodist Church

God our Maker,
We praise you for the gift of community.
Thank you for the communities in which we work and live. Thank you for the community that is your Body, the Church. Fill us with Your Spirit today so that, as one, we reflect your light and love to each other and to the world.
In Christ we pray,

-Alliance for Catholic Education