Child/Parenting Prayers

My Children

Thank You for each of my children. I pray that You would give them a desire to protect the bond of unity among themselves. Help them be devoted to each other in brotherly love and honor one another above themselves.

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Inspire my children to work together for the good of the other, living and growing in harmony each day.

Help them be compassionate and humble in the way they do life together.

When squabbles arise, spur them toward reconciliation so the friction may be dissolved quickly and in ways that benefit both parties.

Help them be self-controlled and wise in their words and actions toward each other.

Where there is unity You bestow blessings and life. I pray this would be so for my children's relationships throughout their whole lives.


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Teach My Children

Teach my children how to be patient and kind to each other.

Do not let envy or pride take root in their hearts. Keep them from dealing rudely or angrily with each other.

Help them forgive wholly and completely not letting grudges or bitterness sour their hearts against each other.

Help my children protect their family ties, trust each other, hope for the best for each other, and persevere in building each other together in love and truth.

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I Pray For

I pray for:

Strength - that God gives them the strength to do what they need to do each day.

Courage - that they will be brave as they face the challenges that are before them.

Peace - that their hearts will be calm and peaceful as they go through their day and in their sleep at night.

Provision - asking God to provide for all that they need - for stamina, spirit, and finances - for each day.

Direction - that they will be led to embrace what is good and right.

Protection - that God keeps them safe in this increasingly unsafe world and protects them from harm and wickedness.

Joy - that God fills them with the kind of bliss joy that can only come from the Divine.

Compassion - that they will show compassion on those in need and who have less than they do.

Justice - to give them a sense of justice to stand up for what is right and to defend the weak.

Wisdom - that they will grow in knowledge and understanding.

Hope - to give them the hope that comes from above - the kind that far exceeds what we have in the here and now.

Love - that our children are filled with the love of God. That they will know how deeply they are loved, and that love will overflow onto others.

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