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Comments on Jesuit Education

The community of Jesuit education provides opportunities for students to look after their mind, body, and well-being through reflection, thought, and involvement with others. We are pushed towards greatness.
Max Spread

Selflessly giving and placing others before ourselves in any possible way is our call of duty.
David Lorentz

Rather than having a part of my life devoted to serving others, I am working to make everything I do be service of others.
Betsy Hoover

As a biology major, my studies in the intricacies of our world have caused me to reflect upon a divine presence in our midst. I can see the fingerprints of God touching not only the macroscopic world but also the world under the microscope.
Ashley McMaster

In order to function, you must have food, shelter, and clothing. In order to fulfill your full potential, you require much more, most of which tend to be ideas that are forgotten by an active college student.... It is important to set aside a regular time for personal reflection.
Joseph Van Deman

Still, after each of these failures, not only have I grown as a leader and person, but I have avoided making the mistakes that caused these failures in future endeavors.
William Buckley

The quotes are taken from Go Forth and Set the World on Fire, Student Life in the Jesuit Tradition.

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