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Jesuit Terms U


Ultimate Reality, Human Knowledge of

Here are three ways of coming to understand how limited human beings reach some kind of knowledge of Ultimate Reality "the Divine" God:

(1) Following the 20th-century German Catholic theologian Karl Rahner . . .
Ultimate Reality "God" is not like the ordinary contents that fill our consciousness. Rather God is the "Horizon" against which all our ordinary knowing takes place and tends.

(2) In Buddhism, there are the "10,000 things" and then beyond them there is Ultimate Reality, best called "No-thing."

(3) The 20th-century Indian Jesuit spiritual teacher Tony De Mello says: Do not mistake the "pointer" toward Ultimate Reality for that Reality itself.

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Universidad Centroamericana (UCA)

For more information concerning the Jesuit martyrs of El Salvador and the events surrounding them, see The Martyrs of the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA).

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Universities and Colleges


See Jesuit Colleges and Universities.

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