Xavier University:

An Historical Perspective


Narrated by Fr. Timothy Howe, SJ, Trustee since 2009. (Read the Introduction.)



The Past as Prologue: The Future as Promise
Former AJCU president, C.L Currie, S.J., 2011

Leadership and Ignatian Values
Discernment Group II, 2012

A Brief History of Xavier - optional
Based on the writings of Roger Fortin, Ph.D.


Reflection Question:

  • In what ways have I influenced the history of Xavier?
  • How do I want to be remembered by my fellow colleagues?
  • Regarding the Currie article:
    - Of the challenges outlines in Part 2 - which has the most impact on Xavier?
    - Of the 'Top Ten Points on Leadership' in Part 4 which most resonates with me?
    Which challenges me most?

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