Examen for Work (Account-based Marketing Specialist)

By Layla Helton '16 Xavier University


I am grateful to have a job that I enjoy. Every day I am given the opportunity to collaborate and support a wonderful group of people.


Before I review my day, I ask for honesty in my response that I did all possible to make this a productive work day.


Did I wake up with an enthusiastic and positive outlook on my life?
Did I take the opportunity to learn something new about my field of work?
Did I actively work to complete projects?
Did I take the time to review not only my work, but also my teammates' work?
Was I openly collaborative with teammates?
Did I take critique with grace and open my mind to all suggestions?
Did I assume that all whom I encountered were well intentioned?
How did I respond to challenges and frustration?
Did I take the opportunity to share my ideas and opinions?
Did I take a moment to break and breathe?
Did I do all that was possible to be helpful and productive in the workplace?


Do the responses highlight my strengths and weaknesses?
Do any responses lead to the thought of change in how I work?

Looking Ahead:

What changes will I make to ensure effectiveness and happiness in the work place?

The Examen for Account-based Marketing Specialist is an adapted version of the Jesuit Daily Examen for Parents developed as part of a Communication Arts course of Dr. Gwyn Mellinger in Xavier's Ignatian Mentoring Program.

"Overall, an account-based marketing specialist will take the time to value collaboration, transparency, and strong relationships. He/she will be loyal to the company and its targeted accounts, and abide by Aristotle's golden mean ethical principle....The Examen focuses on happiness and productivity because happiness leads to productivity and positive thinking leads to happiness. This Examen gives one the opportunity to decide whether or not the daily routine is working for him/her. It also gives the opportunity for him/her to figure out how to change the routine to create a better overall work life experience."