A Daily Examen for Parents

By Greg Carpinello

How am I grateful for my kids today? How have they loved and supported me?

Before I review my day, I ask for clarity and honesty as I search for God and as I look at myself and my kids.

From my interactions with my kids today....
What did my kids do or say that made me smile, laugh, or pause in joy?
What did they do or say that challenged or frustrated me?
How did I respond to my kids with love and patience?
How did I respond to my kids out of frustration and impatience?
When did I feel closer to them? More distant from them?
How might my kids have tried to communicate deeper needs to me underneath the surface of their actions and words?
Have I noticed God's presence in the midst of any of this?
What might God be inviting me to consider when I reflect on these experiences in my family?

What is my response to God who is present in the life of my family?

As I consider my family's day tomorrow....
How can I be an instrument of God's love in my family tomorrow?
How can I honor the gifts of my children more fully tomorrow?

Adapted from the Daily Examen for Cultural Diversity by Debra Mooney and Cheryl Nunez.