Conversations on Catholic Identity
at a Jesuit University: An E-Seminar

Catholic Higher Education

O'Brien cites a reaction to 'Catholic.' What words are associated with 'Catholic'?
What emotions are evoked by 'Catholic'?

Which of the four "essential characteristics" of a Catholic university, as outlined by Pope John Paul II, speaks most strongly to you?


Photo of Professor Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching

Discuss ways that education at Xavier is/can be grounded in CST.


Photo of Student reading on a bench


The Catholic Intellectual Tradition


In what ways is the Catholic intellectual tradition alive at Xavier?


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Catholic Identity, Contemporary Culture, and the American University

Select 2-3 to review

How can (each of us in our role at) Xavier ease tensions when values collide?


The Catholic University

What do you identify as Xavier's "Gifts of our Catholic Heritage"?
How are those gifts retained?


See participants in the summer 2011 conversation, here.