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Link to Green Umbrella. 

There is a new Impact Team at Green Umbrella called Faith Communities go Green which Joanne Gearson of Shomrei Olam and James Buchanan are co-chairing. There will be a link for that and it will offer opportunities for students to be involved in collective action in the region. We will be developing resources that can be used by the many faith traditions to help them go green.

ECOS Electives
April 2020

Course no. and name Faculty
MATH 125: Women in Math Shiela Doran
BIOL 120/136: Ecology and People Brent Blair (lab various)
BIOL 250/251: Ecology Brent Blair (lab various)
PHYS 128 (lecture): The Science of Energy Jonathon Morris
PHYS 129 (lab): The Science of Energy Jonathon Morris
PHYS 214: Science of Energy and the Environment Jonathon Morris
POLI 140: American Government and Politics  R. Bradley Nestheide
POLI 120: Comparitive Government and Politcs Bin Yu
POLI 321: Politics of the Anthropocene Anas Malik
POLI 372: International Political Economy Anas Malik
POLI 344/THEO 345: The Challenge of Peace John Sniegocki
POLI 346/HIST 290: Strategies in Community Organizing Sean Rhiney/ Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco
ENGL 205: Lit and the Moral Imagination: Threatened, Endangered and Extinct (or Other Topics) Lisa Ottum
ENGL 363: Ecocriticism Lisa Ottum
ECON 441: Econ of Developing country II Thomas Lebesmuehlbacher
ECON 320: Nature Resource Economics Justin Roush
HIST 436: Urban Ecologies, Urban Economies John Fairfield
HIST 362: Global Cultures and Politics Suparna Chatterjee
HIST 398: History of Agriculture Kathleen Smythe
MUSC 108: Music, Love and Death: The Earth Kaleel Skeirik
THEO 257: Franciscan Spirituality Gillian Ahlgren
THEO 360: Consumption as Problem Gillian Ahlgren
Theo 388: Wilderness and Religious Imagination Leon Chartrand

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