An Examen for the End of Work

Greg Christopher

Recall that you are in the presence of God.

You have spent the day at Xavier, serving the university and its students. All day you have been in the presence of God. Yet, you may not have been aware of God's presence during your day. Take time now to be aware of God's presence.

Look at your day with gratitude.

Spend time reviewing the joys and blessings of this day. Let your mind remember and rest on those things for which you are grateful for...a meal that you ate and/or shared with another... a conversation with a student, alum, coach or staff member... what are you grateful to God for in this day?

Ask help from the Holy Spirit.

Now it is time to turn to your family. Ask the Holy Spirit to come and be with you. Ask the Spirit to open your heart and soul so that you might look honestly at all the movements and events of this day.

Review your day.

Begin to review your day, seeing it like a movie in your mind's eye. Pay attention to the feelings and emotions that come up within you as you reflect back on the day and its happenings. As you reflect, take notes in your journal. How have you spent your day? As you review your day, what feelings come up? Which memories of the day trigger the strongest emotions?

Reconcile and Resolve.

Reflect on today. You are aware of your intentions and actions. Feel the emotions of the day again. Talk with Jesus. Share your struggles.
Now turn the page...

  • Focus for tomorrow.
  • Share with others.
  • Be all there for your family.