The Xavier Journal of Political Science
Vol. III, No. 1 (Fall 2012)

Editorial Board
Daniel Fadeley, Class of 2012
Philip Krzeski, Class of 2013
 Brandon Martin, Class of 2014  
Kailyn McGowan, Class of 2013 
 Shaun M. Redden, Class of 2012 
Alex Valenti, Class of 2013 
Seth Walsh, Class of 2013

Faculty Advisor
Mack Mariani, Xavier University

Advisory Board
 John Ray, Xavier University
Timothy J. White, Xavier University
Anas Malik, Xavier University 
Bin Yu, Xavier University
Gene Beaupre, Xavier University 
Michael Ford, Center for the Study of the American Dream

Introductory Material

The Editors                 Editors Note

Research Papers

Jon Kelly                     A Swing and a Miss: a Study in Distributive Electoral Politics

Patrick Convey            Leader Tenure and U.S Intervention in Latin America

Shaun M. Redden         Afghanistan and the Neglected Commander

Mallory Malinoski         On Culture and Income Inequality: Hofstede's International Cultural Dimensions and the Gini Coefficient

Michael E. Solomon      The Legality of Secession: Separatist Movements in Western Sahara, Somaliland and South Sudan


Spencer Liechty           A Polarized Nation

Kristin SanFilippo        Al-Qaeda: A Future in Question

Rosalynd Erney            We Won't, We Won't Rock You:  The Decline of U.S. Primacy and the Rise of the Rest

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