When to come

Tutorial sessions are most productive when the writer comes to the Center at least a few days before an assignment is due. If you come in only an hour before a paper is due, or even the night before, you may limit the kind of assistance a tutor can offer.  Rest assured, though, tutors will always do their best to help you produce your best quality work.

What to bring

Please come prepared. Know the details of the assignment, the title of the course and the name of your professor. Bring with you the necessary texts, notes, drafts, assignment handouts and--most importantly--your specific questions for the tutor.

What to expect and not expect

Do not expect more than fifty minutes with a tutor per visit. Before meeting with a tutor for a second visit on the same assignment, we hope that you will make independent progress on your writing project.

Expect tutors to make suggestions and to offer advice about how you might improve your writing, but do not expect them to estimate the grade your writing will receive. We offer feedback and advice, but only you can decide  what changes you will make to your writing project.

Please do not expect tutors to proofread your papers for errors; that is your job. Our job is to help you to learn strategies for editing your own work.

After the session

Apply all the strategies you have learned to improve your next assignment!