Women of Excellence

Grant Application Guidelines

Guidelines for the WOX Grant Awards for 2022

Revised 12/14/2021

Grant Application Form

The Women of Excellence (WOX) Giving Circle invites applications for support from members of the Xavier community, including individuals representing University divisions, departments and University-supported student groups for special initiatives that will enrich the lives of students at Xavier University. 

WOX recommends applicants seek proposal assistance through the Office of Grant Services. Please contact Shari Howell by phone at 745-1904 or by email at howells3@xavier.edu as early as possible and at least 10 business days before the due date.


  • Principal Faculty, Clinical Faculty, and Lab Instructors
  • Administrative Staff
  • University-sponsored student groups (i.e. student clubs or student working groups).

Types of Awards

  • Independent Projects/Programs: Stand-alone projects with no partnerships outside applicant
  • Collaborative Projects/Programs:  Involves multiple areas within the University and/or community
  • Pilot Projects:  A new, innovative/exploratory project that determines if a program could happen/be sustained at Xavier in the future.  This type of project must go beyond a one-time event.
  • Current successful programs that need partial support.

Activities Funded

  • Expenses that are eligible for consideration in grant awards:
    • Honorariums for speakers
    • Travel costs for speakers
    • Equipment and supplies
    • Materials /supplies to support the project
    • All other costs associated with events
    • Student workers
  • Expenses that will not be considered:
    • Faculty and/or University Staff salary
    • Personal technology devices
    • Capital improvements
    • Fundraising for non-profit groups with the exception of Xavier University

Application Process

  • All grant applications must have signatures and approvals as follows:
    • Project Director/ Proposer
    • Faculty- Department Chair and Dean
    • Staff- Direct Report Supervisor and Vice President
    • Student Clubs and Groups- Advisor and the Assistant Provost responsible for your area. For most student groups, this is the Associate Provost for Student Affairs; Dave Johnson. (If you are unsure who that person is, ask your Advisor or refer to the online University Org Chart).
      • Student groups MUST be University recognized student groups as defined by SCG at the time of the application. (https://www.xavier.edu/student-involvement/clubs/list-of-clubs-and-organizations) Student groups must include a minimum of two students who will return as a member of the student group in the academic year the program will be funded.
      • All individuals or departments referenced in the proposal as being part of the project’s implementation must be signatories on the application.


  • WOX will accept grant applications (including signature page) between January 1 and through 5 p.m. March 1 (the final deadline) for projects and programs that will be funded beginning July 1, which is the beginning of the new fiscal year. Grant awards will be announced in April of 2022.
  • Grant funds will be available in July, with all expenditures to be completed at the earlier of December 31, 2023 or within 30 days following the conclusion of the event/project for a one year project. Grant funds for two-year projects must be used by June 30, 2024.

Award Amounts

  • The maximum award from the WOX Giving Circle is $10,000 per year, or $20,000 for two-year projects (Note: two year projects will take 2 years to complete, this is not for obtaining funding to support a project that takes one year but you want 2 years of funding). The length of a project may not exceed two years.
  • If a project’s total budget is greater than $10,000 per year, other sources of support must be stated and appropriate documentation from other funding partners must be provided.
  • The number of grants and amounts awarded by the WOX will be dependent on total dollars received from of the Giving Circle during the fiscal year beginning April 1, 2021 through March 31, 2022 and as voted on by the WOX Giving Circle.

Process and Review

  • Applications will be reviewed by an internal review committee consisting of: members of the WOX Council, faculty, and staff who will evaluate the proposals to determine which are eligible (based on the criteria stated in the guidelines and application form) for voting by the Giving Circle Members.
  • If you have received prior funding, but you have not submitted a report, funds for a new grant award will not be dispersed until a final report has been provided.
  • Eligible applications will be made available to Giving Circle members for their vote.
  • Voting by the WOX Giving Circle Members will occur in April via email.
  • Award recipients will be notified by April 21, 2022, at which time the awards will also be announced to the membership.


  • Grant awards will be monitored and administered by WOX staff.
  • A Final Report is due within 30 days after the conclusion of the event/project, or by December 31 of the following year, whichever comes first. Award recipients must submit a 1-page minimum narrative summary of the project.  Please reference how the WOX Grant influenced your project, include successes, challenges, and a detailed comparative budget report to Cyndi Meyer via e-mail at meyerc13@xavier.edu by campus mail: ML 5460. Please call Cyndi at 513-745-3116 with questions. 

Types of proposals that may be submitted for funding could include the following:

  • Faculty research, training, or development that seeks to incorporate new ways to introduce gender issues in traditional subjects
  • Programming related to the development of women
  • Student group participation in leadership seminars and workshops
  • Research, historical or cultural exhibits
  • Resources and materials needed in support of new or existing programs (excluding personal technology or capital expenses)
  • Guest speakers who offer dialogue on women’s issues
  • Development of student programs that explore the non-profit arena and the importance of philanthropy
  • Please visit the WOX web site at: www.xavier.edu/wox and click on Giving Circle for examples of projects that have been funded in the past.  The grants are listed by year awarded.

Requests for capital improvements, salary increases, or direct fundraising for non-profits other than Xavier University will not be considered. If you have questions about whether an item could be included in the budget please contact Cyndi Meyer at meyerc13@xavier.edu

Proposals that involve human subjects (as participants in a study or as recipients of services provided by Xavier students, staff or faculty such as psychological evaluation or counseling) are subject to IRB approval, as indicated in the Institutional Review Board guidelines: https://www.xavier.edu/irb/policyIf you are unsure whether your project requires review, consult the Q&A section of the website or contact the IRB directly.  If your project will need IRB approval, the funding will be contingent upon IRB approval.

Key requirements for IRB approval include:

  • Risks to subjects are minimized and are reasonable in relation to the anticipated benefits
  • Selection of the subjects is equitable
  • If applicable, there are appropriate procedures for obtaining and documenting voluntary Informed consent
  • There are adequate provisions for the safety of subjects with special protections for vulnerable subjects
  • There are adequate provisions to protect the privacy of subjects and to maintain the confidentiality of data

Submission: All application materials are due NO LATER THAN 5pm MARCH 1, 2022.

If your grant does not meet the criteria noted above or in the application, it will not be returned for correction and resubmission.

Please email all application materials to meyerc13@xavier.edu File should be submitted as a PDF or WORD document. Your e-mailed abstract page can be unsigned (though you can also include a scanned copy of your signed abstract page) but you are still required to mail the signed hardcopy to Cyndi Meyer at ML 5460 or drop off in person at the Alumni Center, 1st floor, Room 130.  Both the emailed and hard copies must be received by the deadline.

Questions should be directed to Cyndi Meyer at meyerc13@xavier.edu or  513-745-3116.