Xavier University Peer Education Program

We propose to develop a comprehensive and sustainable Peer Education Program at Xavier University that will be a key component of Xavier's overall prevention education  strategy for student wellness issues. Specifically, the Peer Education Program will provide student-led engagement of challenging issues such as sexual health, interpersonal relationships, gender identity,emotional health,and alcohol,tobacco  and other drug use.

2014 Summer Service Internship Program

Xavier's Summer Service Internship  Program provides a unique opportunity to nurture the commitment to community engagement in Xavier students. Now in its 20th year,the Summer Service Internship Program has provided 408 students with a unique opportunity to nurture the commitment to community engagement.   In the summer of 2014, the program  will place another 20 Xavier undergraduates  in carefully selected placement agencies where each student will provide service for 35 hours per week for nine weeks. The program is designed to teach the interns how to become leaders within the community and to understand the complex problems that disenfranchised populations  face. Living together in the residence hall and gathering for reflection sessions and common meals strengthens this experience.

As a unique,full-time immersion experience for Xavier students,the program provides two important student  benefits:  students are able to serve the Greater Cincinnati community in a deep and meaningful way while earning necessary income from summer employment.

The Family Resource Builder Initiative

When patients or clients are able to be actively involved in their diagnosis and treatment this is called 'patient activation'. There is a growing body of evidence showing that patients  who are more activated have better health outcomes and care experiences. In social work the term used for this is 'self-determination. Emerging evidence indicates that interventions, if tailored  to support  the individual's needs and that build skills and confidence, are effective  in increasing patient  activation.

The Family Resource Builder (FRB) is a survey that allows parents who are raising a child or children with special needs to determine  what their immediate  and long term needs are as they relate to caring for their family and child.

Gender Balance and the Continuation of the Rettig and Murray Lecture Series

This project aims to introduce more female classicists to our HAB,Classics,Classical Humanities, and general Xavier community as role models for young women considering a career in academics or any profession that involves public speaking and leadership. The value-added for all students is becoming more accustomed to seeing women presenting their scholarship in events sponsored by HAB and Classics.

Indicators of success would be that more young women  want to join the HAB program,more will want to stay in the HAB program and our other majors and minors, and women across campus will feel their chances of success in any career or professional is not contingent upon gender. All students, male and female, in our programs will benefit from seeing women presenting their scholarship at these lectures.

Global X: Cultivating Cross Cultural Competencies

As Xavier's international student population and student interest  in study abroad grows, it is imperative  for the university to continue and grow the support services available for these student populations. This academic year, over 600 new students expressed interest  in studying abroad; given national trends, this number can be expected to grow.  As we attract  more degree seeking international students,we  must also provide a broad range of programs for retention and support.

With the Global X initiatives, Xavier can address our students' interests and address issues that will support  student retention in both the domestic and international student populations.

Expressions of Gender:
A Pilot Film Series about Understanding Media Representations of Gender through Intersectional and Interdisciplinary Dialogue

We propose the implementation of a pilot academic program that explores gender roles and norms through film. The series will be interdisciplinary in organization and content, as a way to provide a regular, sustained forum for discussion surrounding the various ways in which media representations of gender draw from, impact, and create cultural gender stereotypes and ideologies, and vice-versa.

The Expressions of Gender series will meet bi-weekly throughout the semester; each semester's series will be organized around a particular theme or idea. Individual films in the series will be introduced by faculty members who have expertise in the form,style, and/or content of the film; after the screening of the film, the same faculty member, along with series organizers, will facilitate and moderate an analytical and reflective discussion on the positive,negative, and complicated messages about gender that the film contained. Discussion will also help series attendees to think through the ways in which these filmic messages relate to other cultural phenomena, theoretical  concepts, content in other XU courses, and personal experiences.

Mind Body Empowerment Workshops for Bhutanese Nepali Teenage Refugee Girls

The program proposed would connect Xavier Psychology graduate students and professional women who will be speakers and role models in their career fields and/or mind body awareness with Bhutanese Nepali teenage refugee girls in Cincinnati through a day long workshop event in the summer of 2014.

The aims of the projects are:

  • to build self-esteem as a teenage girl and refugee, showing the girls their future potential and setting the standard for future experiences in the U.S. of celebrating diversity, women, and youth, through culturally sensitive creative projects and discussion and
  • to provide information on career options and college life as well as promote mind body awareness/acceptance through presentations by and discussion with professionally established female speakers; gifted professional materials; and peer networking with Xavier students.

The anticipated value for XU students and faculty are to create a service opportunity, exposure to cultural diversity and mind body awareness, and attracting high school students to campus who may be future Xavier students. Indicators of success include the number of participants and qualitative, narrative survey data which will be filled out by the participants assessing their overall experience of the event.

Women of Excellence Endowed Scholarship

Women of Excellence has been established as a major presence promoting women at Xavier. A critical component of our commitment to the advancement of women at Xavier is the establishment of Women of Excellence Scholarships.

Women of Excellence recognizes that Xavier's scholarship support is among its greatest needs and that Women's philanthropy is critical to Xavier's future and the establishment of scholarships sets the example for future generations of women who have experienced Xavier's Jesuit education and who are poised to make an impact on their communities and our world.

This grant will allow us to grow the base of this already established Women of Excellence Endowed Scholarship so the amount awarded each year will continue to grow. The interest earned each year (currently 4.5%) is distributed in accordance with policies established by the Board of Trustees of Xavier University and pursuant to criteria established by the Founding Members of the Women of Excellence Endowed Scholarship.

  • Seeking Funds: $10,000