Xavier university 2013 Summer Service Internship Program

Xavier's Summer Service Internship Program provides a unique opportunity to nurture the commitment to community engagement in Xavier students. Now in its 19th year, the Summer Service Internship Program has provided 388 students with a unique opportunity to nurture the commitment to community engagement. In the summer of 2013, the program will place another 20 Xavier undergraduates in carefully selected placement agencies where each student will provide service for 35 hours per week for nine weeks. The program is designed to teach the interns how to become leaders within the community and to understand the complex problems that disenfranchised populations face. Living together in the residence hall and gathering for reflection sessions and common meals strengthens this experience. As a unique, full-time immersion experience for Xavier students, the program provides two important student benefits: students are able to serve the Greater Cincinnati community in a deep and meaningful way while earning necessary income from summer employment.

Career Pathways and Empowerment Workshops for Bhutanese Nepali Teenage Refugee Girls

The goals and indicators of success of the two day event are two-fold: 1) to build self-esteem as a teenage girl and refugee, showing the girls their future potential and setting the standard for future experiences in the U.S. of celebrating diversity, women, and youth, through culturally sensitive creative projects and discussion and 2) to provide information on career options, their requirements and pathways, through presentations by and discussion with professionally established female speakers; gifted professional materials; and peer networking with Xavier students. Broader goals of the project and indicators of success include creating a service opportunity for Xavier students and exposure to cultural diversity and creating pathways of success among the Bhutanese Nepali refugees to contribute to the community in the ñiture. One measured indicator of success will be surveys filled out by the participants assessing their overall experience and how prepared the girls feel professionally after the program.

Preparing Future Career Women of Excellence

The program proposed would create an outreach event that connects the women, both graduate and undergraduate, of the Xavier University psychology department with an underprivileged and underserved group of high school girls in the community. This keeps in the Jesuit tradition of service as well as addresses psychological issues of self-esteem, modeling behavior and professional development for women. The first goal of the program is to provide young Women with mental preparedness, professional materials and interpersonal skills to empower them as future career Women. The second goal is to encourage these young women to pursue their collegiate and professional dreams through peer modeling and networking with current Xavier students. The final goal is to promote the concept and meaning of excellence and what it means to excel in any area in which they choose to apply themselves.

The Xavier University Assistive Technology Learning Center (ATLC)

We propose to develop a prototype lab equipped with hardware and software intended to assist students with disabilities. The lab will be designed to reduce common barriers to learning in order to improve student research, reading, writing and productivity for greater success in the academic curriculum. A secondary goal is to provide a center for Xavier's Occupational Therapy and Education students, so they can explore technology available for individuals with learning disabilities to better prepare them for their professional practice. Through documenting use and surveying users, we will better meet the needs of our students with disabilities.

The long-term vision is to build from the success of this year-long pilot to expand the lab through securing a subsequent grant(s). The expanded center would be open to the wider Cincinnati community, providing individuals with disabilities, students, faculty, and professionals the opportunity to explore assistive technologies that may enhance learning, and independence.

Mentoring Women in the Sciences

For the past fifteen years, Xavier has been fortunate to receive grants from the Clare Boothe Luce Foundation to support women majoring in Chemistry, Computer Science, and Physics. This proposal will bring graduates who were Clare Boothe Luce Scholars back to campus to interact with current Clare Boothe Luce Scholars and other women in the majors supported by the Clare Boothe Luce Program. These graduates through a seminar presentation and informal interactions will share their professional experiences with current Xavier students. A second aspect of the grant will establish a means for online mentoring of current Xavier students by former Clare Boothe Luce scholars. Success of the program will be evaluated through a survey of students as well as through anticipated new relationships formed between Clare Boothe Luce Scholars from the past and current Xavier students.

Xavier Nursing Informatics Institute

Nursing informatics competency is the ability to integrate knowledge, skills, and attitudes into nursing practice using technology. Almost 90% of the nursing workforce is comprised of women who frequently report a lack of competency to perform even basic computer functions. The aim of the Xavier Nursing Informatics institute (XNII) is to increase the number of nurses who possess the knowledge, skills and attitudes to engage in evidence based practice supported by informatics. Students participating in the XNII will spend approximately one academic year engaged in enhanced informatics educational opportunities which: 1) meet the criteria for a graduate level capstone project, 2) meet the identified informatics need of a participating healthcare partner, and 3) result in certification as a Nurse informaticist. The XNII will engage approximately 300 nursing students, 15 nursing faculty, and approximately 12 community healthcare partners in activities that promote the application of informatics competencies among the nursing profession.

The Innovation Society: TEDxXavierUniversity

TEDxXavierUniversity is a student led, collaborative experience that inspires innovative thinking, moving others to purposeful action. We wish to promote Collaboration between the three colleges, organizations, and administrations of the University. We also aim to foster the ideas of TED, “believing passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the World.” More formally, TED is an annual event that brings together the world’s leading thinkers and doers to share ideas that matter in any discipline.

Our goal is to promote Xavier University as an innovative and collaborative institution of higher learning that maintains discipline to its Jesuit roots by bringing in speakers from within the Xavier and local community whom are emblematic of these themes. We anticipate that our independent TEDX event will leave an impact on the Xavier community by fostering diversity, collaboration and the Jesuit values from this unique experience. Furthering discussion by students, staff, and faculty after the event will be indicators of success along with the networking opportunity it presents for all those involved. Feedback we receive from the Xavier community in the form of surveys, interviews, comments to our Facebook page, and views on our TEDxXavierUniverity YouTube account will be indicators of success.

TRIO, Student Support Services Enrichment Xcursions

The mission of the TRIO, Student Support Services (SSS) program is: TRIO, SSS is committed to providing an academic, professional, financial and personal support system that guides student participants to benefit from educational opportunities and achieve a greater quality of life. In line with the mission, Enrichment Xcursions will focus on cura personalis. The academic development component will help students understand their strengths in order to improve their academic performance through taking the StrengthsQuest assessment and receiving training. By attending an Adult Leadership Conference, students will further enhance their academic skills. The professional development component will expose students to graduate school options and help them make the best educational choices for their future in order to be more employable. The personal development component will introduce the students to cultural experiences that they may not otherwise have had.

Women of Excellence Endowed Scholarship

Women of Excellence has been established as a major presence promoting women at Xavier. A critical component of our commitment to the advancement of women at Xavier is the establishment of Women of Excellence Scholarships.

Women of Excellence recognizes that Xavier's scholarship support is among its greatest needs and that Women's philanthropy is critical to Xavier's future and the establishment of scholarships sets the example for future generations of women who have experienced Xavier's Jesuit education and who are poised to make an impact on their communities and our world.

Eleven WOX Founding Members have joined together to make a commitment to establish a Women of Excellence Endowed Scholarship at a base level of $55,000.

This grant will allow us to grow the base of this already established Women of Excellence Endowed Scholarship so the amount awarded each year will continue to grow. The interest earned each year (currently 4.5%) is distributed in accordance with policies established by the Board of Trustees of Xavier University and pursuant to criteria established by the Founding Members of the Women of Excellence Endowed Scholarship.

Seeking Funds: $10,000.00