In April 2009, the first Women of Excellence Giving Circle awarded $45,500 in its first Giving Circle awards program to eight winners:

Care for the Whole Family

The grant will provide baby changing tables in the Gallagher Student Center restrooms to better support student-parents who make up 26 percent of undergraduate college students nationwide.

Celebration of Women in Psychology

The 2009-2010 academic year will feature a new speaker series, hosting three prominent female psychologists presenting on women's issues.

Creating Relationships of Justice and Care

Funding will help empower undergraduate students to create a more just and caring sexual culture on campus through the core course Theological Foundations (Theo 111).

Interfaith Training on Dialogue and Service

The grant will help address the spiritual needs of students by offering two-day Interfaith Youth Core training sessions.

Mathematics Teaching Classroom Manipulatives

Funding will work to improve the preparation of education majors teaching elementary and middle school math. The goal is to break the cycle of those who believe women cannot succeed at mathematics.

Women Who Shaped Modern Physics

The grant will create a new physics core course and lab that focuses on women physicists and their areas of research.

Women's Issues in the Workplace Summit and Etiquette Dinner

Funding will go to a half-day education program that addresses the challenges women face in the professional world and culminates in an etiquette dinner with a professional speaker.

Xavier Students Against Sexual Assault

The group will work to address issues of rape and sexual assault on college campuses nationwide by planning a workshop and promotional event in November that includes marketing materials and a speaker.