Once you have accepted an internship position, the WCB allows you the option to earn academic credit for your work experience. The internship course is three (3) academic credits and will satisfy your "upper division business general elective" BSBA degree requirement.

If you choose to earn academic credit, you must meet the following eligibility & administrative requirements:

  1. Have 55 or more earned credit hours; junior status.
  2. Have a minimum overall GPA of 2.75.*
  3. Have successfully completed BUAD 101, 102, 201, 202.*
  4. Schedule a face to face meeting with your internship professor to discuss the academic requirements of the course and complete the Internship Agreement form.
  5. Submit a completed Internship Agreement form (with your internship supervisor's signature, your internship professor's signature and your signature) to Ann Schmidt, Academic Advisor, by 5pm on the third Friday of the semester in which you are serving the internship.
  6. You must accumulate at least 200 hours of on-the-job experience.
  7. Your internship must be served during the same academic semester in which you are registered. No retroactive internships allowed! For example, you cannot work a summer internship and seek credit for fall semester. You can, however, begin an internship during spring semester and continue working through the summer and seek credit for summer semester.
  8. Internship must pay at least minimum wage unless the organization is a non-profit or exempt government agency due to U.S. Dept. of Labor guidelines.

Additional Eligibility Notes

F1 Visa students seeking an internship must work in conjunction with the Center for International Education.

A student with any hold - whether bursar or academic - may not participate in the Internship Program until the hold issue is successfully resolved.

Where can I find the Internship Agreement Form?

The WCB Undergraduate Internship Agreement form is available here.

Where Does The Internship Course Fit Into My BSBA Degree?

Internship Credit Counts In...

Major Minor Upper Div. Bus. Elect.
Accounting1 No   Yes
Economics No No Yes
Entrepreneurial Studies2 Yes No Yes
Finance No   Yes
International Business3 Yes No Yes
Management No   Yes
Management Information Systems No Yes Yes
Marketing No   Yes
Strategic Human Resource Management3  Yes Yes Yes

1Can take up to two (6 credit hours) in internship electives towards CPA
2Major Requirement
3Major Elective

If a second internship is pursued at the same company, the student must have "additional" job duties from the first internship.

Courses taken for a 2nd business major or a business minor would fulfill the "upper division business elective" requirement for the BSBA degree.

Are There Any Fees Associated With The Internship Course?

You will be charged a fee of $250 for the internship. This cannot be waived. The charge is applied via your bursar bill.

For fall and spring undergraduates, no additional tuition is charged as long as you are a full time student. Full time is 12-18 credit hours. If you go over 18 hours with the addition of the internship course, extra tuition costs will apply.

If you are a part time student, part time tuition charges will apply.

Students in the CAPS/Weekend Degree Program will have Weekend Degree Program tuition charges apply for fall & spring semesters.

For summer internships, no tuition is charged (undergraduate level internship business courses only), regardless of student full-time/part-time status.

How Is My Internship Course Grade Determined?

An internship is treated the same as any classroom course at Xavier. You will have a professor, a syllabus, an academic project to complete, and you will receive a letter grade. Your final grade is assigned by your internship professor. It is weighted and based on the following documents:

50% academic project: The project (and due date(s)) is determined, assigned and delineated by your internship professor in his/her syllabus. The academic project's scope and content vary depending on each professor.

50% mid-term and final evaluation from your employer: These are completed electronically by your supervisor. The Internship Program Coordinator will collect and compile these evaluations.

Who are the Internship Professors?

If you are earning credit for your internship, you will be under the direction and guidance of a Xavier professor. This professor will be monitoring and supervising your progress; will be available to you for technical assistance and advice; will consult with your internship supervisor; will stay in communication with you; will evaluate your performance; and will assign you a grade at the conclusion of the internship.

Based on the focus of your internship, meet with professor whose department most closely matches with your internship. For example, if you are a MKTG major, but your internship is MGMT focused, you'd meet with the MGMT internship professor.

Major Internship Professor Office Phone Fax Email
Dr. David Randolph
237 SMH
Dr. Bree Lang
341 SMH
Entrepreneurial Studies
Dr. Rashmi Assudani
335 SMH
Ms. Kimberly Renners
225 SMH
Information Systems
Dr. Adekunle Okunoye 
207 SMH
International Business
Dr. Hasan Faruq
322 SMH
Dr. Mina Lee
339 SMH
Dr.Kate Loveland
224 SMH
Strategic H. R. Mgmt.
Dr. Tamara Giluk
338 SMH
Dr. Nancy Bertaux
324 SMH