The Williams College of Business

Board Positions


Represents the organization within the Xavier and Cincinnati business communities.

Actively communicates with the Williams College of Business administration to align organization with university goals and ensure adequate support for the XWMBA. Ensures the XWMBA operates in accordance with its mission and objectives. Envisions and coordinates the creation and execution of strategic goals for the year. Oversees all meetings and activities in conjunction with the officer committee. Acts as liaison with the National Women's MBA Association.

Vice President/Treasurer

Consults with President on chapter strategy and goals. Coordinates activities and communications between Member Services. Manages all official materials, including bylaws and strategic plans. Performs succession planning to create strong continuity when the President steps down at the end of her term. Manages the board's review of and action related to the board's financial responsibilities. Works with the President to ensure that appropriate financial reports are made available to the board on a timely basis. Presents the annual budget to the board for approval. Reviews the annual audit and answer board members' questions about the audit.

Manager of Data and Membership

Works to develop the strategic vision for recruitment and engagement of members for the organization, including the creation and maintenance of membership-related data and maintains attendance records. Main contact for individuals expressing interest in becoming a member. Drive Awareness of the XWMBA among prospective students. Help the university recruit new students to the William's College of Business by setting XU apart from other competitors through the resource and value of the XWMBA and WCB Women in Business. Ensure that prospective MBA's fully understand the value of the XWMBA. Identify appropriate way to target prospective MBA's. Manage prospective, student and alumni listings to provide current contact data and liaise with President and VP for further inclusion in programming.

Manager of Marketing and Communication

Provides creative support to the team. Is the main hub for communication and ensures consistency in branding across communication, and records and distributes meeting minutes for Leadership Team. Responsible for the strategic vision of the group for all communication related outlets. Coordinates efforts of communications to ensure relevant, current, and effective communications occur for the XWMBA. Helps drive excitement and interest in the XWMBA via different communication tools.

Drives Awareness of the XWMBA among current students. Gives female MBA candidates a catalyst to get them through their 2-5 years at Xavier as well as put them ahead of the pack when they graduate. Identify needs gap and facilitate closing those opportunities through a variety of means. Drives Awareness of the XWMBA among Alumni. Continue to support newly minted MBA's as they move through their professional career.


**All position descriptions are subject to change by the board as needed. Positions are held for a two year academic term and then are reopened for application over the summer term before fall start.