The Williams College of Business

Provence, France

This MBA elective course is designed to provide insights on how distinctive regional products are marketed to reach an international customer base. Because of its location along historical shipping lines, many of the once local products of Provence have become internationally popular. By working with a local producer of a regional product (bourbon) that is marketed internationally, and traveling abroad, students have the opportunity to learn about the distinct challenges that producers face when marketing to a domestic vs. international audience. Additionally, by meeting with various representatives students will learn about the different strategies than can be employed to meet these challenges. A key focus of the course is for students to develop an understanding and awareness about the many opportunities and challenges faced by businesses abroad while learning about a region that is steeped in rich cultural traditions. As part of the course requirements, students are expected to apply the theoretical frameworks learned throughout the MBA program and complete a group assignment.

Course Components:

  • Pre-Trip Lecture: Three mandatory three hour classes
  • Pre-Trip Assignment: Country overview and research
  • Country Immersion: 10 days in country business visits/ cultural exploration/ marketplace observation
  • Post-Trip Assignment: Group Project/ Business Plan
  • Post-Trip Meetings: One mandatory final meeting for group projects and final presentations

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