BPP Grant

The BPP Grant Program provides funding for WCB departments and business clubs and organizations to create and deliver major-related career programs and activities. Selected events also receive BUAD/BPP Elective Credit. As many as ten grants up to $500 will be awarded in academic year 2017-2018.

Examples might include but are not limited to:

  • Panel discussion on careers and opportunities in a specific business major, discipline or industry
  • Keynote speaker relevant to your major/field/industry
  • Major-related resume critiques with alums or business people
  • Networking with business executives or alums in your major
  • Workshops to develop needed soft skills in your field
  • Meet the Firms or similar event to explore careers and firms related to your major
  • Company visits or job shadowing
  • Programs to develop job seeking skills in your major (e.g., assessment test-taking tools, etc.)
  • Joining or working with professional organizations related to your field 
  • Joint programs between related business majors (e.g., BANL and MKTG, FINC and INBU, INFO and CSCI, etc.)

The application process requires that the program be well-developed and sponsored by a department or club.

Proposal Application Process:

Please submit your written proposal to Ms. Lauren Costanzo, BPP Program Coordinator (costanzol@xavier.edu), 120A Smith Hall.

Proposals should include:

  1. Basic Information:
  • Name of Event
  • Sponsoring Departments or Clubs
  • Dates of Event
  • Location
  • Contact name, email and cell phone (admins for this event/activity)
  1. Brief Description of Event or Activity – 2 to 4 sentences (for promotional purposes)
  2. How does this event relate to BUAD/BPP? Why should it receive BPP Elective Credit?
  3. Logistics:
    • Budget
    • Timeline
    • Responsible parties (who does what)
    • Room or transportation needs
    • Club Faculty or Department Signature
    • Risk Management Forms (if applicable)

Note: If your proposal is funded, you will be fully responsible for submitting all invoices, receipts and participant lists to our office.

Next Steps

If approved, awardees will be announced on our WCB Facebook page. The event will be added to the weekly BPP emails and on the monitor in Smith Atrium. We can provide guidance on promotion/advertising, room reservations, expenses/purchasing, emailing majors, BPP sign-in sheets, catering, risk-management, etc.

Awardees/student clubs and organizations will be responsible for all program logistics, room reservations, marketing and promotion and keeping names at the event. Sign-in sheets must be signed by your faculty/advisor and turned into Lauren Costanzo, who will award BPP credit.

Groups are encouraged to share more about their events on social media. We can help with access to our WCB Undergraduate FB page and other WCB social media.