About the activities of the Business Profession Program

BUAD 101/102 First Year- Explore & Be Inspired

First-Year Kick-off Speaker: Patrick Combs

Freshman year is a time for finding inspiration. This kick-off event to the Business Profession Program helps you do just that. Enjoy an energizing presentation that gets you thinking about how you can make the most of your time at Xavier University to prepare for your future.

Communication Etiquette

The ability to communicate professionally is at the top of the list for what employers are seeking (and what they often share students are lacking). This workshop equips you with tips on how to effectively communicate through various channels such as email, telephone, social media and in-person conversations. A skill not to be overlooked, it is vital for you to be aware of the critical role communication has in business and to practice key styles and techniques so that you make a powerful and professional impression on those around you.

Business Executives Meet and Greet

Kick-start your future by meeting and talking with an experienced business professional about your academic and career goals. This is a great time to get insight on next steps to prepare for your future and begin building your own professional network. Make the most of this mentoring discussion by preparing a list of questions and leaving with some powerful next steps for your own career action plan.

Maximize your WCB Experience

Xavier University and the Williams College of Business offer many opportunities for students to get connected, build experience and grow as an individual. While exciting, college can challenge the best of us when it comes to time management and making wise decisions. Our panel of students share their personal stories and provide tips on how you can maximize your time for classes, work and personal life while setting a strong foundation for your future.

Résumé Writing

Learn how to write a professional business résumé. You learn the most effective ways to create a strong résumé that captures the recruiter’s attention and sets you apart from the competition. Tips are also provided for writing an impactful cover letter that can help you make a positive first impression. These tools help you secure that first interview.

BUAD 201/202 Sophomore- Develop Skills and Focus

Power of Networking

It may be cliché, but it’s true: sometimes it really is about WHO you know. This session provides insight on why you want to start building a network, as well as show you the tools and skills you need to become a savvy networker. You learn who needs to be in your network, how to find them, how to effectively benefit from the relationship and how to keep them. Learn about the Xavier Mentor Program to help develop a network that is key to your success after college.

Linkedin (Nuts & Bolts)

Building and communicating your own personal brand is vital to effective networking and in differentiating yourself from competition in the job search. It is important for you to gain clarity on the value you offer to others and how to market that value as you build your professional reputation and grow your career. These interactive workshops provide an overview of LinkedIn and focus on the development of your own brand.

Finding an Internship

Internships are often the foundation for building your skill set and increasing your marketability for future career opportunities. This workshop will provide tips on how to use available online resources, networking and other job search strategies to land an internship that is right for you. You will also learn more about how you can earn academic credit through this experience.

Effective Interviewing

Learn how to hit a home run with your interview. This session discusses three phases of the interview process—how to prepare for the interview, how to anticipate and respond to behavior-based interview questions and the appropriate follow-up techniques to use after the interview. This session also addresses employers’ expectations of professional conduct in the interview process including appropriate dress and non-verbal communication.

BPP Electives

A number of workshops and events are hosted by the WCB and Xavier University throughout the year—and many are approved for Business Profession Program credit. These sessions are a great opportunity for you to personalize your Business Professions experience based on your own academic and career interests. Enhance your professional presence, increase your network and expand your horizons with these additional events (Those sessions approved for program elective credit are advertised through the undergraduate office).

BUAD 301/302-Junior Gain Experience

Job Searching

Get yourself energized for the internship and job search ahead. Discover the power of networking and learn effective job search strategies that keep you ahead of the competition. Simply applying to online jobs is rarely enough to find a career opportunity these days. Find out how to uncover openings before they are advertised—those hidden jobs. You will walk away with a renewed energy and tips you can apply to your job search immediately.

Fall and/or Spring Career Fair

Each Career Fair brings an array of organizations to campus to talk with students about internship and job opportunities. These are a great way to connect with employers of interest and make a positive first impression with recruiters. Make the most of these events with the job searching strategies and career fair prep workshops, where you get tips on preparing for and standing out at a career fair. As an extra tip, you can also order your own Xavier business cards through the WCB undergraduate office.

Informational Interviewing

Informational interviews offer a way to explore a career field in less than an hour. It is a powerful way to complement and further your job search, allowing you to gain information, expand your contacts and develop valuable relationships. Many individuals are reluctant to engage in this process simply because they don’t understand the goals, don’t know what questions to ask, and fear they will be turned down. This workshop will examine the informational interview process and provide you with actionable takeaways and how to yield positive outcomes throughout this process.

BUAD 401/402 Senior- Connect with Your Future

Evaluating a Job Offer

Now that you have the job offer, how do you make an informed decision on accepting or declining? This session gives you the tools necessary to evaluate each offer with confidence and provides an overview of what to consider when evaluating an offer, beyond just the salary. Discussion also takes place on the basics of negotiating, how to professionally accept or decline an offer, and how to handle and compare multiple offers.

Financial Planning

Step into your future with financial confidence. For many, graduation can mean entering an era of financial independence—which can bring about a number of questions and concerns about how to manage this responsibility successfully. This session addresses budgeting basics when it comes to your short-term, mid-term and long-term goals and makes you aware of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to fiscal stability. Learn the basics of investments such as 401(k)s, IRAs and the effective management of student loans.

The First 90 Days

This session focuses on how you can prepare for the future. Often, your potential for long-term success is affected by how you kick off a career in a new organization. Our speaker provides insight on how you can establish a positive reputation with new colleagues, build expertise and position yourself effectively for potential projects and possible promotions—even as the “new kid on the block.”