Student Veterans Center

About the Student Veterans Center

The Student Veterans Center strives to provide the Student Veterans and military affiliated students of Xavier University a safe, studious, and recreational setting. Located on campus at the Conaton Learning Commons in room 529, the Student Veterans Center offers Student Veterans a space of their own where they can print off papers, work on assignments, or have a cup of coffee and friendly conversation.

The Center is a place to unwind, connect with fellow Veterans, and to access to the valuable resources the staff makes available. The Student Veteran Center has comfortable chairs for relaxing, desks for coursework, computers and printers available for use, as well as a conference room and offices for group projects.

The Student Veterans Center has multiple resources available to both Student Veterans and military affiliated students including financial aid and planning, academic advising, and career coaching.


The Xavier University Student Veterans Center provides personalized, world-class support to enhance the educational experience of Veterans and military affiliated students that results in unconditional success in the classroom and beyond.


2025 Vision:

Xavier University's Student Veterans Center is the National Center of Excellence for Student Veterans Centers and is the #1 school in the Nation for Veterans and military family members seeking post secondary education.  Student Veterans and military affiliated students comprise 10% of the student population and are exceeding all University standards for success while in school and after graduation. Student Veterans and military affiliated students have access to modern facilities and infrastructure, full-time benefits and career counselors, and a mentorship program that enhances their experience at Xavier and facilitates success within the values of the Jesuit tradition.