Chris Klug

The center’s mission is to create an open, friendly space in which veterans feel welcomed and to provide them with guidance necessary to ensure a smooth transition back to school.

As a Veteran myself, I know some of the struggles and questions that you face in going back to school. Our staff is here as a constant resource for you throughout your journey of higher education at Xavier University.

Xavier is a great place to have real community with other Veterans, an incredible education, and the ability to continue to serve those around us even though we've put the uniform away.

Xavier has taken their value of caring for the whole person and empowered our Veterans to help their fellow Veterans; whether that is helping each other in the classroom and in studying, or helping Veterans in our city, or our Troops who are deployed. The center is focused on men and women for others; we are a leader in displaying that service, and we are an important part of our university's mission.

I am glad you are looking into Xavier, the Student Veterans Center and myself are here to help you in any way that we can.


Chris Klug


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