Urban Sustainability and Resilience

Nearly four billion people, or more than half the world's population, live in urban environments. Xavier's MA in Urban Sustainability recruits students with varied backgrounds in business, policy and planning, humanities and social sciences and then challenges them to develop a deeper understanding of urban systems and sustainable best practices, in order to pursue careers that will lead the public and private sector to make positive change.


Projected increase in new green jobs by 2038.

Urban Sustainability and Resilience Program

real-world learning
Learn as a team

This program is built to attract students with diverse backgrounds who will work and learn from each other as well as faculty. Students will work independently and in teams on practical, real world applications that sharpen their skills and prepare them for careers in many different settings.

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Practical Internships

Students are required to have an internship between their first and second years. Internships are intended to give students experience, networks, and connections that will help them further refine their career goals and get exposure to professional employment settings. The program is connected to partners in the City of Cincinnati like the Green Umbrella, the City the County, the Port Authority, corporations like Procter & Gamble, Duke, Melink Corporation, local CDCs and many others.

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Cincinnati-a great green laboratory

Compared to its peer group of cities, Cincinnati can boast an extensive network of active, innovative agencies including an Office of Environment and Sustainability, membership in the National League of Cities Sustainable Cities Institute, and the Green Umbrella Group—a collaboration of more than 250 businesses, nonprofits, governments and universities. It is also a city with where you can connect to decision-makers and change agents directly.

Urban Sustainability and Resilience Design

This program is designed to bring students from different backgrounds and experiences together to address the challenges of climate change and what it takes to build a career around making impactful, positive change. Student will gain the theoretical framework and hard skills to be well qualified for the growing field of sustainability and resilience. Whether you want to approach these issues from a corporate, government, community or NGO setting you will be well positioned to take on a leadership role in this growing field.

The Urban Sustainability program has a trans-disciplinary curriculum that provides:

  • A rigorous theoretical framework from a business, environmental science and planning/public policy perspective
  • Technical skills in using quantitative methods.
  • A full-time cohort of students from different disciplines involved in joint team research, seminars and projects.


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