Undergraduate Admission

Nursing and OT Visits

As the interest in our Nursing and Occupational Therapy programs grows, we have begun to offer specialized information sessions and tours! These will offer interested students a chance to meet with faculty and representatives of the major, tour the facilities and learn more about these rigorous programs offered at Xavier.

Students who would also like to attend the Office of Admission's information session and tour during their visit to campus should register for a daily campus visit in addition to one of the sessions below.

Occupational Therapy Information Sessions

Occupational Therapy at Xavier is planning to transition to an entry-level doctoral degree (pending approval). An entry-level degree is required for professional licensure. Incoming undergraduate students interested in a career in Occupational Therapy can receive preferred admission consideration to the graduate program via the direct admit pathway. To learn more about this program, join us for an information session. 

OT Info Session Wednesday, June 3 10:00am - 11:00am (Zoom Session)*

OT Info Session Monday, July 13 9:00am - 10:00am (Zoom Session)*

OT Info Session Thursday, August 6 1:00pm - 2:00pm (Zoom Session)*      

*Links for Zoom Sessions will be sent to registrants prior to the session.

Nursing Student Visits and Lab Tours

Following the regularly scheduled information session on Saturday Sessions as well as Wednesday and Friday afternoons (2:00 PM Timeslot), all students interested in Nursing will be offered the opportunity to tour the Nursing simulation labs with a current a Nursing student as a guide. No additional registration is required beyond registration for the regular information session. This lab tour does not include a meeting with Nursing faculty or staff. Full information sessions with Nursing faculty are available during X Day and Preview Day. Staff in the Office of Admission are always available to answer further questions about the Nursing application and admission process.

To register for your Xavier nursing experience, sign up for a daily campus visit that fits your schedule.

Here’s what to expect during your specialized visit:

  • Tour of campus, including a residence hall
  • General information session about Xavier
  • Tour of nursing simulation lab with current nursing student 


To truly experience the Xavier community, you should meet faculty, staff and students and take a tour of campus. X-Days offer a full day of activities for students and parents. You will be given information about admission and financial aid, academic programs, student activities and the freshman experience. We will be offering specific sessions and tours for prospective Nursing and Occupational Therapy students.