Arianna Dunn

Arianna Dunn

Admission Counselor
Phone: 513-745-3127
Twitter: @XUAdmissions

Thank you for your interest in Xavier University! Anyone affiliated with Xavier in any capacity has their favorite entity about the university. Perhaps mine is our core curriculum and its focus on building well-rounded individuals who care for others and issues within our world. You will certainly leave our Jesuit institution different than when you came in; the growth of your spirit, body, and mind is our top aim.

Xavier is a small campus, yet mighty. We are endowed with various resources and opportunities geared toward the success of every student. Given that, you will feel as if you are at a much larger university. Considering we view our students as family, you will be supported in various capacities within your time at Xavier, in addition to post graduation.

I am excited to be your Admission Counselor, serving as a guide to help you through our admissions process. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. I look forward to helping you as well as hopefully welcoming you to the Xavier family!

Arianna's Cincinnati Recommendations

Favorite Restaurant: Elephant Walk
Favorite Spot: Breakout Games ( This is a fun place to go if you like solving puzzles and critical thinking! Breakout Games has various locations, but the closest location to Xavier is in Hyde Park)
Favorite Event: Taste of Cincinnati