Wireless Network

Connecting to a Wireless Network

Visit http://wifisetup.xavier.edu to set up new devices or to repair an existing device's wireless configuration settings. To initially setup your device for xavierwireless, you will need to be online to access the setup utility. This can be achieved by connecting into the wired Ethernet jack in your residence hall for your initial setup. Otherwise, you can connect to the 'xavierguest' network from non-residence hall buildings on campus. If you are having problems connecting to the wireless, you can visit the Connection Center Helpdesk on the 3rd floor of the Conaton Learning Commons or call 513-745-HELP (4357).

Xmisc Network:  This network is for consumer devices that are not capable of connecting to an 802.1x wireless network, such as gaming consoles, Apple TVs, blu-ray players, etc. These devices need to be registered before they can connect to the wireless network. You will need to find and submit the device's MAC address on the Xmisc registration form.

Personal Wireless Routers are Prohibited

  • Personal wireless routers and wireless printers are prohibited at Xavier.

    Both types of devices broadcast their own wireless networks, hindering your computer's ability to communicate with Xavier's wireless access points.  The interference from these devices is the most common source of intermittent and unreliable wireless connections in the dorms.

Having Connection Issues?

  • Your network driver may be out-of-date.
    The most common cause of issues is an outdated network adapter driver on your computer. 
  • Update your current network adapter driver, if you have an Intel wireless card:
    Intel Driver Update Utility
  • Poor signal quality
    Resulting in intermittent connection to the network.
  • Need assistance with wireless?
    Contact the Help Desk at 513-745-HELP (4357)