Your Microsoft Office365 account contains 25GB of cloud storage called OneDrive. You can access OneDrive from the top menu bar in your email account.  Files stored here are backed up and accessible from any computer with a web browser.  We suggest that you save files in OneDrive for easy access, especially when using our lab computers and the virtual desktop.
Accessing and Using OneDrive

Accessing Your X Drive

Student X:\ drives are being phased out.  Starting in Fall 2014, new incoming students will only have OneDrive, rather than having an X:\ drive.  The X:\ drive is accessible through a Web based interface where you can download/upload files.  
Login at:

Network Share Drive

All students who log on to the campus network can request access to group share drives where they can store and share Xavier University related files with other users. These files are backed up by the University daily.
Default share size limitation is 300mb.