Trend Micro Antivirus

Trend Micro is Xavier's campus-wide antivirus software application. Every Wednesday Trend Micro scans all Xavier systems. This can cause computers to be very slow. If you need to override the scheduled scan, follow the instructions below. Following these steps prevents changes to the scheduled scan setting until the next scan completes. You will not be able to cancel or reset the delay.

  1. Click the Show Hidden Icons button in the Notifications Area (System Tray).

    Click the Show Hidden Icons
  2. Right click the Trend OfficeScan Icon.

    Right click the Trend OfficeScan Icon
  3. Select Schedule Scan Advanced Settings.

    Select Schedule Scan Advanced Settings
  4. Select the Postpone scanning for option.
  5. Click the hours and minutes drop-down buttons to set the length of the delay.

    Note: The scan cannot be postponed more than 5 hours.
  6. Click Ok.


You should leave your computer on so the scan can start at the scheduled time.
If the scan does not complete at the scheduled time, it will initiate the next time you log on
and cannot be interrupted.