Note: The appearance of the screens and the individual steps described in the QuickCards listed below may vary slightly depending on which web browser is being used (e.g. Firefox, Safari, etc.).



  • Entourage Email (Includes a description of the Entourage screen layout; composing and sending a message; addressing a message; adding, accessing, and saving an attachment; inserting an object in a message; moving messages to a folder; creating, moving, renaming, and deleting folders; accessing subfolders)
  • Entourage Contacts (Includes instructions on adding, deleting, editing, sorting, and searching for contacts; creating a new address book; sending a message from an address book; and adding contacts to a mail message or a new address book)
  • Understanding Folders in Entourage 2008 (Explains the differences between creating and using folders stored in your Entourage mailbox, and folders that are stored in the C: drive on your computer.)


  • Entourage Calendar (Includes: accessing your calendar; a description of types of calendar entries; creating a calendar entry; responding to meeting invitations; updating or canceling an event request; and defining your work week)
  • Sharing Calendars