Accessing Voicemail On Campus

You can access your Voicemail on-campus by dialing x4321. If you are accessing the Unity system from your own campus phone, you will be automatically connected to your own mailbox by just entering your password. If you are trying to access your voicemail from someone else's phone on-campus, first press the "*" key to re-direct the Unity system to your own mailbox. The voice response unit will then ask you to enter your 4-digit id, followed by your password.

Accessing Voicemail Off Campus

You can access your Voicemail off-campus at 745-4321. The Unity system will first prompt you to press the "*" key followed by your 4-digit extension, and will then ask you to enter your password.

The First Time You Use Voicemail

The default password is 13971. Use this password the first time you access the Unity system. After accessing for the first time, you will be guided through the process of recording your name & greeting and providing your password.

Features of the Unity Voicemail System

The Unity Voicemail system provides employees with several unique features and functionalities including the ability to receive and listen to voicemail messages through the Outlook email system. Voicemail messages will show up in your Outlook Inbox in the .wav audio file format. These files can be played using any popular desktop media player, e.g., Windows Media Player.

Other important features are outlined in the following QuickCards: