Campus Pack Learning Objects


Blackboard Learn wikis make it possible for faculty and students to collaborate, organize and present their work (knowledge bases, papers, research, etc.) within a safe, secure web-based dynamic environment. Instructors can easily monitor wiki activity to see who is contributing and what they are contributing.

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Blogs make it possible for online journaling or note taking with the added functionality of commenting, rating, etc. Blogs are great for sharing class notes and leaving room for student questions and further discussion through the comments area.

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A journal is a blog which is configured as a private writing space that only an individual student and the instructor can see. Journals function nearly identically to blogs.

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Podcast LX is an application that allows instructors to create and share podcasts within their courses or with the public (RSS and iTunes U).


ePortfolios are available within Blackboard through Learning Object's Expo LX tool. Expo LX is an application that allows users to create, publish, and share wikis, blogs, portfolios, learning communities, and other websites and is not directly connected to any specific Blackboard course.

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