Endowment goal - $100 million

We can lead the way. Together.


A college education today is a major investment, but with a substantial endowment, we can provide more scholarships to deserving students who are hungry for knowledge and are eager to make a difference in the world. We can create more programs that provide unique learning experiences. And we can establish endowed chairs and professorships that bring in the best scholars.

When you invest in Xavier’s endowment, you’re giving us specific resources outside of our normal operating budget to sustain our values:

• $40 million will allow us to create and sustain critical endowed programs.

• $60 million helps us support students with endowed scholarships.

While it has grown in recent years, the endowment is only a fraction of what’s needed to support the University into the future. Xavier’s endowment is substantially less than many of our competitor schools including other U.S. Jesuit colleges and universities.


Endowment Comparison


Sources: IPEDS Data Center (Fall 2018 Enrollment) and NACUBO (FY 2019 Endowments)

Xavier’s endowment per student FTE ranks last of this competitor group.

"Giving to the endowment is certainly an important investment in Xavier's future as an institution. But even more so, it's an investment in every facet of the world our students touch. The education they receive at Xavier becomes the foundation upon which they build their lives. Who these young people become and how they contribute to the greater good takes root in the classes, the service, the friendships and the overall experience they have at Xavier." —Michael J. Graham, S.J., President

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