Roles and Responsibilities of Title IX Coordinator

The Title IX Coordinator's responsibilities include:

  • Serving as a resource for questions or concerns on sex discrimination at Xavier
  • Facilitating a prompt, effective, and equitable process to resolve complaints of sex discrimination
  • Conducting thorough, reliable, and impartial investigations of reports of sex discrimination
  • Providing information on the investigation and conduct process in sex discrimination cases; connects to students to support and advocacy resources
  • Providing education and training on Title IX and sex discrimination
  • Putting in place and monitoring interim measures (i.e. No Contact Order, adjustment to housing, academic arrangements) needed pending the resolution of a complaint

Once the Title IX Coordinator has knowledge or a report of sex discrimination, she must investigate and take all reasonable steps to stop the unwanted conduct, prevent its recurrence and remedy any effects it has had on the recipient of the conduct and the community.

The Title IX Coordinator has no "side" during the investigation and conduct process and serves as a neutral fact-finder and resource for both the complainant and the respondent.