Xavier University Theatre - 2020-21 Season



World Premiere Screening Schedule

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The King Theatre Company presents You are My Sunshine

Sunshine and her emotional support robot have it all! But when a virus is uploaded into him, are they able to beat the clock to save his... “life?” December 4, 2020. 7:00pm. Running Time: 50:00.


Pumpkin Pie Productions presents Taste Full

When a group of friends have the holiday blues, they come up with a plan to make sure no one is alone. Join them as they chop, mix, and crack their way through the most interesting meal of their lives! December 5, 2020. 7:00pm. Running Time: 1:04:00.


Blue Blob Theatre Company presents Instructions Not Included

A glimpse at people trying to live during these unprecedented times. Life or lockdown? Can we have both? Watch as Instructions Not Included portrays four characters learning through their experiences. December 6, 2020. 7:00pm. Running Time: 1:21:00.


The Rose Garden Theatre Company presents Die Schuld

A family struggles through past tragedy when some surprising circumstances take them on a turn for the worst, but will they come out better because of it? Or will their problems still linger with them? December 7, 2020. 7:00pm. Running Time: 1:40:00.


PEAK Theatre Company presents Fall in June

Fall in June is a radio play that explores, from a single mother’s front porch, the foundations of new human relationships and the revitalization of old ones. June and her mother, Nora, must navigate their complicated relationship and new family dynamic while feeling crowded, yet welcomed, by a slew of new neighbors. December 8, 2020. 7:00pm. Running Time: 35:00.


Kickass Productions presents Delivery

When trapped inside from a heavy storm, a gang of Blockbuster employees must work together to solve a mystery connected to an unmarked box that arrives at their door. Dive into this crazy night and you'll begin to ask yourself the same question they are - what's keeping you here... the rain or the boxes? December 9, 2020. 7:00pm. Running Time: 31:00.


Comeback Productions presents Behind the Screens

These college students hate working on their group projects over zoom, but when the cameras go off they may have more in common than they know. December 10, 2020. 7:00pm. Running Time: 34:00.


TreeTop Productions presents [Pseudonym]

During a time of isolation, four individuals are trapped in their own worlds. In the search for an outlet, these strangers form an unexpected bond with the help of one notebook. December 11, 2020. 7:00pm. Running Time: 43:00.


Plug-in Theatre Company presents Pretty Damn Simple

Pretty Damn Simple tells a story that shows how the world is often not as simple as it seems. Mark, Margot, Jess, and Sadie find this out as they explore their relationships both new and old. December 12, 2020. 7:00pm. Running Time: 28:00.


Open Doors Productions presents The Bright Spots

Despite how bad things may seem, everyone has something good in their life, and everyone has positive stories to tell. Now more than ever is the time to let these stories inspire us. December 13, 2020. 7:00pm. Running Time: 32:00.