Take It On

Meet Our Student Fellows

Take It On student Fellows are an integral part of our work on campus.

2021-2022 Take It On Fellow

Abby White

Class of 2023

Majors: Philosophy, Politics and the Public & Communication Studies

In an exciting new addition to our team, Abby White is serving as the first Take It On Fellow. Abby is a junior from Holland, Michigan majoring in Philosophy Politics & the Public and Communication Studies. This year as the Take It On Fellow, Abby will work to advocate for continued civic engagement on Xavier’s campus and also support the research of local public housing projects and initiatives. One of Abby’s upcoming projects will be a multi-faceted campaign through social media, video creation, and group dialogue to get students out to vote in the upcoming election.

During her time at Xavier, she has worked on two local campaigns and a policy project with a local housing non-profit. Over the summer, Abby spent time recovering from knee surgery while also completing two internships with the support of the PPP program. As the PPP Social Media Intern, she posted on PPP social media accounts, researched user engagement, and designed graphics to showcase the program. Abby notes that the most rewarding part of the internship was “the opportunity to share not only my own experiences with PPP but provide a space for my peers to do the same. So many of my classmates and friends made such positive impacts on their communities over the summer, and it was a privilege to be able to highlight the amazing work they did in a new and exciting way.”

Abby’s other internship was a Communications and Web Design position with Rotary International, the world’s largest international service organization. When speaking about her time with Rotary, Abby says “it was incredibly meaningful to me to continue my service with them. I have been apart of Rotary since my 5th grade - beginning with Early Act at Alto Elementary, and with my grandfather serving as our past district governor.” As an organization that is very close to her heart, Abby says it was an honor to continue working with them.

Abby would like to thank everyone in PPP for their continued support but specifically Professor Comer, Dr. Fairfield, and Dr. Chrastil for their confidence in her and encouragement to follow her passions.


2020-2021 CEEP Fellow

Christo Fosse

Class of 2022

Majors: Philosophy, Politics and the Public & Economics

Minors: Theology & History

Senior PPP and Econ student from Chicago, IL, Christo Fosse, has completed his year as Xavier’s Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP) Fellow. Christo says that being a CEEP Fellow was an incredibly enriching experience. “At a time when civic engagement rates are at an all-time low--especially among college students--serving in the position allowed me to counteract the dominant culture that encourages withdrawal and isolation.”

As a CEEP Fellow, Christo focused on both voting and engagement initiatives. In a bipartisan effort with both College Republicans and Democrats, hundreds of Xavier students were registered to vote, both in Ohio and their home states. However, voting is just one aspect of the democratic process. Christo worked to make student engagement a top priority to ensure students weren’t just registering to vote but truly engaging in their communities and elections. Additionally, Christo worked in partnership with the Take It On initiative to distribute information to the Xavier community about working the polls, moderate a political debate between Republicans and Democrats, and craft two restorative justice peace circles to promote understanding.  

The restorative justice circles are what Christo says he enjoyed the most; the Xavier community was able to find common ground and shared values, despite our differences. People shared their hopes, fears, thoughts, and concerns but also shared visions for this country. Christo says that “while the CEEP fellowship awarded me the chance to help create that voting culture, it also offered a way for our campus to reclaim that culture of belonging, leaving me hopeful for Xavier and society’s future.”

Christo would like to extend an important thank you to Dr. Rachel Chrastil and Professor Sean Comer for all their support.